Monday, March 21, 2011

Making the best of "bad" races


Well, the first GPx race is in the books.  It should be law that no one can complain about any race they win or run a PR.  In spite of that, bare with me...  

Chad finished 6th overall in a PR of 22:20, but was disappointed since he was hoping to have a chance to break 22 and challenge for the top 5.  He ran the last two miles alone with a large gap between him and 5th place and struggled to keep pace more than expected.  Despite racing frequently, Chad very rarely has a bad race.  It’s a once a year happening really.  So for him to not hit his goal time was unusual and frustrating.   Of course, coming one week after a hilly half marathon with a nice sized PR, it’s not overly shocking that he didn’t have his “A” game.  He still ran a PR and won his age group, so it wasn’t really a bad race by any stretch of the imagination, but he was frustrated nonetheless.

I was the first female in a rather pedestrian 25:15.  My goal was to be as close to 25:00 as possible.  The very minimal running I’ve been able to do has certainly not been fast.  Although I did run some great 400s the other day, my longer repeats have been in the 6:10-6:20 range, thus, any hopes of a PR  were long gone before race day.  I was incredibly lucky that all of super fast females in Charlotte were out of town at other races, so I was still able to take the win.  Last year I was 4th at this race in 23:45- what a difference a year makes!  

All and all it is a good starting point for the year.  We both locked up some great GPx points and got the series off to a good start.   Especially considering the fact that this race was looking like a points drop about a week ago.     

I also have to recognize a few friends who ran particularly impressive races this weekend:  The Captain, Paul Mainwaring broke his 5k PR on the track Friday and came out Saturday morning and took 3rd in the 4 mile; hopefully he didn’t strain his calf too bad in the double.  Michelle Hazelton battled the wind to notch a PR at the Shamrock Marathon.  Kelly Fillnow won the Tobacco Road Marathon in 2:55 and Alice Rogers smiled through the rain at the LA Marathon finishing in 2:55.  

It was also another impressive weekend for One2Tri racers, Mo Campbell PR’ed, broke 3 hours and was second behind Kelly at Tobacco Road in 2:59.  While Jon Clary and Keith Mrochek were in Wrightsville Beach dominating the Quintilies Marathon.  Jon finished 3rd in 2:51 while Keith broke his recent PR finishing 7th in 2:54.  A very impressive weekend of racing!

With the race on Saturday, Sunday was long run day.  Now I am not a huge long run fan in general, but the Sunday long run is the bane of my existence.  For whatever reason, it just feels so much worse when I have to run long on Sunday.  In my “3 weeks to get in shape to finish Boston plan” Sunday was a necessary 18 miles.  I eeked out a 15 the week prior, so I wasn’t particularly brimming with confidence at the start, but the run ended up being fine.  Chad decided to break up his 22 into 2 tempos so we could run together for a large part  part of the run.  He took off after mile 8 to tempo 6 miles, then we met up again at mile 13.5 for me (14.5 for him) and ran to 18 together before he took off again to finish up his run at a faster clip, while I sat on a bench and dreamed of the delicious homemade pizza dinner I would get later on.  Running with other people is so much better than solo long runs!

This week features the Duke Energy Tower Stair Run-up (Chad), a Guinness Book of World Record 100 x 5k attempt (Chad), and the Cool Breeze Sprint Triathlon (Dee).  Needless to say, it’s going to be a hectic weekend!  My only goals for my debut tri is to not drown in the pool or crash on the bike.  If I can manage that it will be a success!

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