Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Max


Before the Thunder Road Marathon, Chad promised me a puppy if I broke 3 hours.  Judging by the difficulty of the course and my DNF in Chicago, he probably thought it was a safe bet and he would not be getting me a puppy.  His logic was pretty good.  I had some great training runs and the weather was supposed to be cold and perfect, but I had been saying for nearly 2 months that my goal was just to run hard and finish to get myself and my mind on track for Boston, where I would be in great shape and bust out the coveted sub 3.  Naturally, once a willing accomplice, Kevin Ballentine, perfect weather, and a puppy were thrown into the mix, I decided to take a shot at sub 3. 

Zipping across the finish line in 2:59:43, Chad was stuck shaking his head at his misfortune.  It turns out I was right to go for it despite the course, as I ended up sidelined with an injury for most of my Boston training.  I kindly waited until after Boston to request my puppy and then requested I did with the perfect puppy already picked out.  Poor Chad didn't know what hit him!  On Monday we were running the Boston Marathon on Wednesday we arrived back in Charlotte.  On Saturday we were the proud onwers of a barely 8 week old Boston Terrier.  He is already the best.

Maxwell Karl Crockford
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