Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week in Review 5/23 - 5/29

Run: 56 miles
Bike: 126 miles
Swim: 10,100 meters

I snuck in a race on Saturday, the Run for Peace at Home. Probably a bad idea, but a great cause and I was trying to steal my first win on 2011. About 15 minutes before the start I saw Paul. If Paul is a bridesmaid to John Compton, I guess that makes me Paul’s flower girl. I took second to Paul in a pedestrian 17:29. Despite the time I enjoyed some Great Harvest Bread, tons of fruit from Dilworth Grill (wish this was at more races) and won $70 of gift certificates from Omega Sports, productive morning.

This week was a monster training week, but I think I have been overdoing it. I've raced the past three weekends and I'll be racing the next three as well, so I think a down week with a taper for King Tiger is in order. 

In other news while I am still primarily a runner, Danielle and I have also been biking and swimming a lot to get ready for triathlons. We both know that we won’t really be competitive in triathlons this year (because of my biking, her swimming) but we are working hard. I have been getting my bike mileage up and this week we took our first swim lesson with Nicole. I am really enjoying the different training even if I am really maybe a year away from threatening for an age group award in decent sized triathlon.

After looking at how fast the Latta results have been (and the disproportionately long bike) I am going to stop worrying about Latta and start focusing on the Grand Prix series and the Camp Thunderbird Lake Wylie tri.  That tri has a nice 10 mile bike and a hard 5k run; so I should definitely be more competitive in that race than I will be at Latta.  If nothing else, I'm looking forward to sneaking in another sprint tri this season. 

Looking forward to a down week with a taper before King Tiger.

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