Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken Link = Race Cancelled


Last year, after about 3.5 months of swimming, Chad decided to tackle his first multi-sport race, the Harris YMCA Splash & Dash.  It consisted of a 400m pool swim followed by a 5k run.  Chad ended up second to Billy by one measly second.  We discussed during the cool down that perhaps sitting during the transition was not the best approach.  But it was his first time dealing with a transition and you really need a few good stories like that so you can laugh at yourself sometimes. 

This year, Chad was out for revenge.  With 3 triathlons under his belt and the transition strategy ironed out, Chad was ready to put up an even better time than last year and go for the overall win.  Unfortunately, the race was cancelled!  Registration open on June 1st, but the registration link was broken.  At first we thought that registration was not open yet and would open later than anticipated, but as the weeks passed the link remained broken.  When I finally emailed the race director on Tuesday, she informed me that the race was cancelled because no one registered. 

In retrospect, we should have emailed almost immediately when noticing the link was broken instead of waiting and thinking it would be fixed.  Last year several hundred people participated in this event, so obviously it was rather popular and would have had a similar turnout this year.  Chad ended up with a week off of racing, which was nice, but hopefully they remedy the problem next year and he can participate in the Splash & Dash, because it really is a great event. 

Despite being sad the race was cancelled, Chad rallied and we enjoyed a great weekend visit from my sister.  Chad cooked us two fantastic dinners, before taking us out to The Cowfish on Sunday.   Way too much delicious food was consumed.  The sister had a great visit and enjoyed meeting Max.  Max, of course, loved meeting his Aunt and gave out copious amounts of kisses.  All in all, a solid weekend.  The next GPx race is July 16th, so this week is quality over quantity and good rest!

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  1. Wow, that's a first. Race cancelled because they put in a bad link. That's pretty, what's the word, oh yeah, pathetic. But yeah, Chad probably needed the break from racing. See y'all Saturday!